Norbert Bollow

Business Coach.

While I'm generally open to coaching on any topic that may come up (I enjoy variety), I'm particularly passionate about empowering Christian entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs (people who are considering to maybe start a business) to develop a business system which is well-aligned with

  • the principle of seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness first,
  • the desire to meaningfully contribute towards solving some of humanity's major challenges, e.g. the problem of greenhouse gases and climate change,
  • the entrepreneur's personal strengths and values, and
  • sufficiently great and sufficiently strongly felt needs of sufficiently many potential customers who can be reached with reasonable marketing efforts.
Norbert Bollow
Coaching is a conversation with your coach which empowers you in relation to whatever challenges you are currently facing. This is based on a number of well-proven methodologies. For example, the narrative coaching methodology is based on looking at stories which are part of your life in such a way that you become empowered to transform them intentionally. In addition, I'm developing a new methodology based on what I'm calling trustworthiness frameworks. This is designed to empower for agile handling of complexities such as when a business has more goals than just the financials, when trustworthiness needs to be achieved in relation to multiple stakeholder perspectives at the same time, and/or when the market environment is changing quickly.

Restrictions: I will decline coaching engagements if the concerned business or project is only about profits/money, if it is in my view harmful from a social justice perspective, or if I'm already coaching a direct competitor.

Coaching language: German or English.

Physical location: Greater Zurich Area, Switzerland.

Contact information

Postal mail address: Norbert Bollow
Weidlistrasse 18
CH-8624 Grüt

Telephone:      +41 44 972 20 59